Martek To Monitor Safety At Election

KUALA TERENGGANU, Dec 31 (Bernama)-- The police have introduced a one-stop operations centre known as the Tactical Headquarters (Martek) to ensure security throughout the whole election period.

Fear not the big, bad world

A WRITER'S LIFE By DINA ZAMAN (The Star)When we close ourselves to the world, we miss the good things. Our ancestors weren’t scared. They charged into the world.

Great expectations

ALONG THE WATCHTOWER By M. VEERA PANDIYAN (The Star)Malaysians must expect and demand more changes for the better from those elected to serve them.

Last days of Malay nationalism?

What is a Malay? What is a Malaysian? What is a nationalist? What is a 'nation'? How are we becoming "re-tribalised" in this world of increasing restlessness over a range of…

Hindraf-PKR love affair ends

By Baradan KuppusamyKUALA LUMPUR, Dec 31 - Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) is staring at a permanent and damaging break with the Hindraf/Makkal Shakti movement after Kapar MP S. Manikavasagam resigned…

Group wants Teng out

(The Star) KLANG: A group of non-governmental organisations are calling for the removal of Teng Chang Khim as state Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transparency (CAT) chairman over his…