MACC & PI Bala – The love hate relationship

Yesterday publication on Malaysian Insider gives an impression that the MACC does not want to investigate PI Bala accusations (or allegations) when Dato Mohd Shukri of MACC insisted that any investigation can be only be done after a formal statement has been made by PI Bala.Shukri also claims that PI Bala is their key witness. I believe Shukri also mentioned that TBH was also their witness when he was found dead at Plaza Massalam.

2. While I understand the need to take a formal statement in any investigations, I believe it does not augur well for the MACC especially when the masses do not understand the importance of making a formal statement. The public will just question the integrity of MACC investigators because Bala already made two papers SD’s, a few “video SD’s” and also has sent letters to MACC via his lawyers. Apparently he had also emailed the MACC.

3. I can understand PI Bala shyness in coming forward. He is carrying a heavy responsibility on his shoulder. His allegation has a huge impact on the PM as well as the nation. The kind of information he carries with him can be detrimental to his own life. Furthermore, a witness has died while in MACC custody.

4. In light of the gravity of the situation, he has to take the necessary precautions to protect his own safety. This is only a logical. So when PI Bala requested for a meeting in Singapore or in London, it should have been considered fairly. After all it is a norm for investigators to travel to all over the world to do their job. If my memory is right, the MACC (then as ACA) went to Hong Kong and Japan when they investigated Eric Cheah. This case should not be treated any different. Maybe there is a yearend budget constraint, considering our national budget is in deficit and that is limiting MACC officers travel.