Raja Petra could be sentenced to death under sec. 121


The following link is referred; Raja Petra urged people to abolish Sultan and form republic country

To those who had read the above article yesterday have particularly known to Raja Petra’s call to abolish the Raja-Raja Melayu in order to form a new republican country which has no King and Queen. Today I urge the Police and the Attorney General’s Chamber (AGC) to look into possible charge that could be imposed against Raja Petra Kamarudin following his seditious article written here.

Dear Attorney General of Malaysia, Raja Petra’s article has resulted in 54 radical comments which inclined to persuade people to wage war against the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, and the Rulers of states. With Malaysia Today’s popularity are undisputedly acknowledged as one of Malaysia’s most influential website, this has constitute a threat to the Rulers of Malaysia and to the nation accordingly.

I quote;