“Unwavering fixation on women’s attire”: SIS slams T’ganu govt’s move to withdraw female gymnasts

A WOMEN’S rights group has slammed the Terengganu state government’s decision to withdraw its female athletes from gymnastics, saying that the ruling carries the perturbing indication of discrimination and signifies a substantial setback in the ongoing struggle for gender equality in sports.

(Focus Malaysia) – According to Sisters in Islam (SIS), the PAS-led state’s decision to disallow female gymnasts from participating in the upcoming SUKMA (Sukan Malaysia) games, citing concerns over their tight attire, has prompted a profound reflection on the core principles of freedom and choice for Muslim female athletes in Malaysia.

“Repeatedly, female athletes have found themselves under the intense scrutiny of public gaze, with their attire and modesty subjected to relentless questioning,” the group said in a statement today (Oct 9).

“This unwarranted scrutiny not only hampers their growth but also confines them to the peripheries, impeding their journey toward realising their full potential.”

SIS further called the suggested alternative of transitioning to Wushu a “proposition steeped in absurdity”, arguing that these athletes had poured years of their lives into mastering the art of gymnastics, honing their skills and discipline to perfection.

“Forcing them into an entirely different sport not only belittles their unwavering dedication but also raises profound questions regarding their freedom to choose their preferred discipline,” the non-governmental organisation pointed out.

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