Santiago rues ‘disconnect’ between Selangor govt, Indian community

The ex-Klang MP says the community is in the dark about the state’s initiatives to address issues like poverty, giving the perception of being discriminated against.

(FMT) – The Indian community in Kuala Kubu Baharu is mostly in the dark about the Selangor government’s initiatives to address issues like poverty and low income, says a former MP.

DAP’s Charles Santiago said this disconnect has built a perception that the community is being discriminated against by the state government, although aid is available.

The former three-time Klang MP said the decades-old housing problems in Bukit Tagar and Ladang Nigel Gardner were still unresolved despite promises made during the past elections.

“People are not interested in ceramahs. They want an avenue to express their issues to the authorities, namely the state government. It’s, therefore, time to set up a complaints mechanism and work on tackling them.

“The people believe there is no political will. Solving the housing issue will go a long way to soften the anger (of the Indian community),” he said in a statement.

Santiago also said the local Indian community had suggested that Selangor menteri besar Amirudin Shari meet with them to hear their grouses and address their concerns more effectively.

“I hope he takes up their requests,” he said, pointing out that many among the community were “upset and looking at alternatives”.

Yesterday, Santiago said the Indian community in the area struggled with poverty, lack of job opportunities and inadequate housing, adding that this has been unresolved for decades.

He said political leaders should focus on solving these issues instead of wasting time arguing with one another ahead of the May 11 by-election for the Kuala Kubu Baharu state seat.