No one will rush back to Malaysia just because Anwar is PM

From Adnan D, Free Malaysia Today

Sometime ago I wrote about why I left Malaysia.

Now with the new unity government, with Anwar Ibrahim at the helm, people have asked me for my comments.

The politics in Malaysia is never ending: today the turmoil in Sabah and tomorrow there will be something else, even though ordinary Malaysians just want to get on with life, put food on their table, pay bills and sleep well.

Let me be clear and say this. No one in their right mind will rush back to Malaysia, whilst working and living overseas, just because there is a change in government or someone in government says something positive.

Malaysians abroad, irrespective of their race, largely are a recognised lot and very entrenched in their host society.

Many are professionals, tradespeople, businessmen, hotel owners, intellectuals, etc, who have families with children going to local schools; and some are even local politicians.

Good education, way of life, freedom to make choices are important, not money and having luxuries like maids and drivers and being called “Datuk”. That’s not in their list. The “bodek” (brown-nosing) culture, supremacy of race and religion is not something most Malaysians who are now abroad can tolerate and adapt to.

They want a stable environment, meaning, they don’t want to look at their back all the time or run away from government rules when it comes to religion and choices.

A Muslim should be able to visit a bar or a hotel and drink orange juice, no issues, without someone from PAS questioning him.

Malaysia is not a mature democracy; that will take time. Everyone appears to be sensitive. I say this as this is what PAS tells us. It is intolerant. It has become very suspicious of everyone and everything.

A Hindu can go to a beef-serving restaurant and not eat beef, no issue. But a Muslim, according to PAS, cannot go to a mall where beer is sold openly as it’s sensitive. What nonsense.

The Malaysians, Malays included, living abroad largely are doing well. Zakat collected, they help all regardless of religion and ethnicity, from what I see. They work hard and have no problem mixing with other races or visiting each other.

In other words, what Malaysia was like before Talibanisation crept into the country thanks to the politicians.

In Malaysia, most politicians do not care what happens to the people in the street. It’s all about remaining in power. Greed seems to supersede everything else.

The education system has been so screwed that the younger generation is mostly gullible. They prefer to interact on social media and Tik Tok. No one seems to think. You can bark and bark, but if no one cares, nothing will happen.

Many Malaysians have accepted other country’s citizenships and some work for their host government. Some, believe it or not, became economic advisers to foreign governments after Malaysia rejected them.

Some have kept their Malaysian passport and remained permanent residents in their host country even after 30 years, hoping something will change back home.

In my view, if change does happen, it will take 20-30 years as so much damage has been done to the core. Corruption, religious bigots and race supremacists have taken a toll on the nation. If this government can change that, bless them.

With the current unity government, there is only so much Anwar can do even though he has fantastic knowledge, is clever, and has immense intellectual abilities and style. The reason is that this is not his government, although he is the prime minister.

He has to play a balancing act on a tightrope. One wrong move can have dire consequences.

There is only so much Anwar can do. He’s alone. Help him.