Lepas tu marah kerajaan dan kata “Kerajaan Gagal”

“Why are you behaving like this?”: Terengganu health official snaps at errant public

(Focus Malaysia) – With highways getting congested despite a ban on inter-state travels, Terengganu Health director Dr Nor Azimi Yunus blew up on those still insisting to travel for the upcoming Hari Raya Aidiladha celebration.

“Have you not learnt any lesson from the Aidilfitri festivities? The Health Ministry advised all of you countless times not to travel to contain COVID-19 but it fell on deaf ears.

“The end result, COVID-19 infection flared up across the country, with the death toll piling up daily. Now, you’re doing the same. Still thronging the highways to spread the virus to new areas,” she said, in a post at the Health Ministry’s official Facebook page.

Yesterday, the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) reported that traffic was building up at the Gombak Toll Plaza, heading west and to Kuala Lumpur, and at the Bentong Toll Plaza, heading east and to Kuantan.

Alarmed by the rising traffic, Inspector-General of Police Datuk Seri Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani announced that letters issued by the International Trade and Industry Ministry (MITI) are not valid for travel across state borders, starting today until July 21.

“(Enforcers at) all roadblocks along state borders have been instructed not to accept these documents. The only exceptions are for emergencies and travel for medical purposes,” he was reported saying.

Livid over the matter, Azimi reminded the public that no one was immune from COVID-19, adding such irresponsible attitude puts a lot of lives at risk.

“You may think you’re strong, young and healthy. So what, just quarantine for 10 days and be done with it.

“But don’t forget that you’re putting high-risk people in danger, such as senior citizens and young children, who may suffer serious health complications,” she stressed.

Don’t underestimate the Delta variant

Touching on Terengganu, Azimi said that her team spent three weeks trying to contain COVID-19 in the past, resulting in only two-digit infections daily.

However, after many started crossing states, Terengganu recorded eight new clusters within two weeks, with some spreading to several districts.

“We had people conducting tahlil prayers for three nights. They even invited several ustaz and tahfiz schoolchildren to attend it, creating a new cluster.

“You think we’re are not affected by this? I feel like my heart is getting cut bit by bit after seeing the spike in new infections,” she lamented.

Azimi then urged everyone not to point fingers at others, when citizens themselves were stubborn and insisting on travelling around, which may create new COVID-19 clusters.

“No point crying after one of you family members die due to COVID-19. The heart-wrenching part is seeing children becoming orphans right in front of our eyes.

“Why can’t you just stay home for the time being? The deadly Delta variant has been detected across Malaysia, including in Terengganu. Its infection rate is very scary.

“Please think twice and be wise. We can’t vaccinate everyone at one-go but COVID-19 can infect all at the same time,” she cautioned.