1MDB, SRC seek to stop Rosmah dissipating assets in US$346mil suit

(FMT) – 1MDB, SRC International Sdn Bhd and nine local and foreign entities linked to them have filed for a Mareva injunction to restrain Rosmah Mansor from dissipating her assets pending the disposal of their US$346 million lawsuit against her.

In their application, the 11 entities said they have a “good arguable case” for the recovery of the claimed sum from her.

They are suing Rosmah and Singaporean designer Shabnam Naraindas Daswani (also known as Natasha Mirpuri) for wrongfully using funds belonging to 1MDB and SRC International to purchase multiple items, including jewellery and handbags.

They further alleged that Rosmah “ought to have assets here and out of the country” that warrant the court handing down a worldwide injunction to freeze her assets.

“There is a real risk of dissipation of assets by the defendant (Rosmah) upon her finding out about these proceedings based on her dishonesty and lack of probity,” they said, adding that she had also been convicted for corruption two years ago.

In the event the Mareva injunction is granted, 1MDB, SRC International and their related entities want Rosmah, wife of former prime minister Najib Razak, to disclose her assets, both locally and overseas.

They want the court to limit her to withdrawing no more than RM10,000 every month as “ordinary living expenses and legal fees”.

The court has set the application for case management on June 14.

Apart from the claimed sum, the plaintiffs are seeking general, aggravated and exemplary damages from both Rosmah and Shabnam.