Sarawak threatens to go it alone for Malaysia My Second Home programme

SARAWAK has threatened to totally sever ties between state’s Sarawak-Malaysia My Second Home (S-MM2H) programme and the federal MM2H programme after Putrajaya suspended the operations of all licensed agents handling the programme.

(TMI) – The Sarawak tourism, creative industry and performing arts minister made the threat after accusing the federal Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry (Motac) of imposing its will on the state.

“Bear in mind, we (Sarawak) have autonomy over immigration, and tourism has already been taken off the federal list and placed on the concurrent list now,” Abdul Karim Hamzah reminded his federal counterpart Tiong King Sing.

The federal list comprises matters that fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal government, while the state list encompasses matters that are within the exclusive jurisdiction of the individual state governments.

The concurrent list comprises matters that are within the jurisdiction of both the federal and state governments.

Karim said moreover, Sarawak’s S-MM2H policies differ vastly from the federal MM2H.

One example he gave was the mandatory fixed deposit applicants have to pay.

The fixed deposit for S-MM2H is RM150,000 while the federal MM2H calls for RM1 million.

He said despite that, Motac has been imposing its will on the state.

“This cannot. That cannot.

“We expect Motac to be considerate (with) the policy we have. All those policies under the S-MM2H are endorsed by the state cabinet.

“And here comes the federal minister who brushed them aside,” Karim said when asked to comment on Sabah’s predicament after a site visit for the upcoming Rainforest World Music Festival at the Sarawak Cultural Village in Santubong.

“Does he think he’s a big man? Where there is dispute, it should be discussed amicably. Not one party bulldozing its will (on another).”

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