No point returning to damaged, irrelevant, rejected Umno, says Annuar Musa

Party’s former sec-gen says it is now only a tool, shield for its leader.

(The Vibes) – THERE is no point in returning to a party damaged by the actions of its leader, a party that is irrelevant and rejected by the people, said former Umno secretary-general Tan Sri Annuar Musa.

In a post on Facebook, he said there is no need to pay serious attention to the statement by Umno Supreme Council member Datuk Seri Jalaluddin Alias that the party is considering taking back some former leaders and members who were removed during a party-wide “cleansing” after the 15th general election.

“It is up to the members concerned if they want to return to politics. That is each individual’s right.

“The party is now only a tool and shield for its leader… there is no more democracy in its organisation. It has turned on its foundation and principles, and it is unclear who is a friend or foe.

“The party’s political sense has dulled,” said the former Ketereh MP.

He said Umno has remained silent when UiTM was labelled as apartheid, and instead of addressing issues like taxes, bills, and the decreasing ringgit value, party members are busy justifying their leaders’ actions.

“No wonder many of its divisions have been abandoned, have failed, or refused to hold meetings.

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