Extreme moral policing: From Pinkfish Express to Aloha Party and now open massage & men vs women football match

ONE wonders whether the state of moral decay in the country has reached such an alarming level or it is just an over-blown concern due to political rivalry.

After the tit-for-tat Pinkfish Express and Aloha Party episodes, video evidence has emerged of some Muslim women found to be massaging Muslim men at open space – only on the shoulders and with their clothes on – during the recent International Museum Day Festival 2024 in Penang.

This came about as preacher Asmak Husin who specialises in women and family affairs chastised as haram (highly inappropriate) the action of Muslim women to massage men whether openly or behind closed door as exposed by Facebook user Abi Khair Azhari.

“If you as a wife, are willing to let your husband be massaged even in an open space in front of the public by other female staff like this?” she chided in a recent Facebook post.

“If I it’s me, I won’t allow that to happen for whatever reason for once you started to like it, then get used to it and enjoying it …”

Stating that such incidents should be prevented at all costs at workplace “to prevent family-wrecking office scandals”, she further urged the Penang local authorities to draw up a basic framework for open events such as the above, especially if they involve Muslims.

“If can, the Penang local authorities should monitor spa, salon and massage premises to ensure that men and women are separated. To me, non-Muslim women, too, want to have privacy because by nature women need comfort and are shy when it comes to personal matters,” added the Kelantan-born former Dewan Negara senator (July 2018 to July 2021).

Men vs women’s football match

Earlier this week, there was another brouhaha surrounding the staging of a football match between the Pahang State EXCO for Communications and Multimedia, Youth, Sports and Non-Government Bodies team led by Fadzli Mohamad Kamal and the SUKMA Pahang 2024 women’s team.

This enraged the Pahang PAS Youth which described the friendly match that took place at the Darul Makmur Stadium in Kuantan on May 17 as “shameless for it promotes interaction without gender restrictions between men and women who are not married to each other”’.

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