Incendiary speech on race, religion leading to lone wolf attacks, says expert

Govt should monitor social media, take down radical content, says academic.

(The Vibes) – INDIVIDUALS, including politicians, who spread incendiary messages like “Islam is under threat” and “Malays are being sidelined” to spread hate are giving rise to lone wolf attacks, experts say.

Mizan Aslam of National Defense University Malaysia said such remarks are dangerous as some quarters may take it literally and attack innocent lives without considering the consequences.

“The authorities need to detain those who are spreading such messages. These are dangerous remarks that could lead to extremism,” Mizan told The Vibes.

“They resort to violence because they feel that they are actually being mistreated and sidelined.”

And this, he said, gives rise to lone wolf attacks.

A lone wolf refers to a terrorist or other criminal who acts alone rather than as part of a larger organisation.

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