Let MCA head PSSC for bigger check and balance role, says analyst

Wong Chin Huat of Sunway University says this will optimise talent in governance and ensure effective oversight.

(FMT) – A political analyst says MCA should be given the opportunity to lead a parliamentary special select committee (PSSC) to strengthen its check and balance role in the government.

Wong Chin Huat of Sunway University said the current number of PSSCs is insufficient, with more than 50 MPs, including those from MCA, not given a chance to be included in them.

He said including more MPs could optimise talent in governance rather than having an oversized Cabinet.

“Not only is MCA’s vice-president Wee Jeck Seng absent from the top 10 PSSCs but, unfortunately, its president, Wee Ka Siong, is only a member in the infrastructure, transport and communication PSSC despite his position,” Wong told FMT.

“This PSSC, which oversees several ministries, could benefit from further division into three or four (committees), with Wee appointed as chairman (of one of them).”

On Tuesday, Ka Siong said MCA will continue to fulfil its responsibility and play the role of check and balance in the government.

Since the formation of the unity government after the 15th general election, no MCA representatives have been chosen to join the Cabinet.

Ka Siong (Ayer Hitam) and Jeck Seng (Tanjung Piai) are the party’s sole MPs.

However, Oh Ei Sun of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs said MCA can still play its check and balance role effectively without holding any positions in the government.

“The party could lose that role it is so proud of were it part of the Cabinet,” he said, referring to MCA’s advocacy on various issues, especially education, affecting the Chinese community.