More people are questioning why the official silence on Akmal

EXCEPT for His Majesty Sultan Ibrahim King of Malaysia who had to a large extent subdued him on the eve of Hari Raya (April 9), questions abound as to why UMNO Youth Chief Dr Muhamad Akmal Saleh has been allowed to behave like a ‘runaway train’ to the extent of posturing his stature as “the defender of Islam against enemies/traitors of Muslims”.

(Focus Malaysia) – Amid an overwhelming backing from the UMNO grassroots, the Merlimau state assemblyman has apparently emerged as an irresistible force so much so one wonders if there has been ‘gag’ order within the unity government to counter the youth leader’s verbal attacks against coalition partners.


Amidst Malaysia’s on-going economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, stability is paramount for sustainable growth. However, escalating political tensions between government leaders have raised concerns among political observers and economists alike.

The nation’s economy which is still grappling with the aftermath of successive lockdowns requires steadfast leadership and a unified approach to navigate challenges and foster progress.

As the political discourse intensifies, prioritising national stability becomes increasingly imperative to safeguard Malaysia’s economic trajectory. And for some, stopping Akmal in the perceived ‘destructive’ mode is imperative.

“This UMNO fella is totally out of control! When is PMX or Zahid going to step in and rein him in?” asked Dennis Ignatius, a veteran of the Malaysian foreign service, on the X (previously Twitter) platform.

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