Bersatu tells 7 reps to resign party, vacate seats

Do not wait to be sacked, says Razali Idris.

(The Vibes) – THE party membership of six members of parliament and an assemblyman supporting the unity government is no longer valid, Bersatu information chief Razali Idris said today.

He urged the seven to resign the party and vacate their seats at once.

He added that their membership was terminated upon the Registrar of Societies’ (ROS) approval of Bersatu’s constitutional amendment.

“The party will send (to the seven members) a notification letter, along with a notice of approval of the party’s constitutional amendment as approved by the ROS.

“The seven are urged not to wait for an official letter from Bersatu. If they are gentlemen, they will resign and vacate their seats,” Razali Idris was reported as saying in Berita Harian today.

The ROS approved an amendment to Bersatu’s constitution on April 2, allowing the party to revoke the membership of its elected representatives if they do not toe the party line.

The move was in response to seven of the party’s members pledging their support for Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s leadership. As they have not left their party, they are not subject to the anti-party hopping law that would require them to give up their seats.

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