It’s Zunar’s turn to take the rap for humiliating Allah inscription in his Vern’s-inspired cartoon drawing

KELANTAN PAS Youth has lodged a police report against Zunar Cartoonist Fan Club for having insulted the sanctity of the Allah inscription in the latter’s recent carto0n drawing.

(Focus Malaysia) – While it is believed that the said cartoon entitled “Phobia Kalimah” has been pulled down from the said social media platform, its so-called ‘original version’ can still be viewed on the Zunar Facebook page.

The wing’s chief Mohamad Kamal Mohamed claimed that the social media post of the cartoon which was inspired by the latest brouhaha over shoe wholesaler’s Vern’s Holdings Sdn Bhd’s controversial design element found on the sole of some of its ladies’ footwear has insulted the sensitivity of Muslims.

“The cartoon has clearly insulted and poked fun at the Allah inscription, hence has insulted the sensitivity of Muslims following the discovery of socks bearing Allah inscription earlier,” he pointed out in a video clip after lodging a police report at the Kota Bharu District Police Headquarters yesterday (April 9).

“Therefore, we urge the authorities to take strict action against the said FB page or individuals involved as this is a serious matter.”

Added Mohamad Kamal: “If you’re not keen to defend God’s religion, the least you could do is not to hurl insult at the Allah inscription. The Kelantan PAS Youth shall continue to defend the sanctity of Islam from being insulted by the kafir (infidel) quarters or Muslims who support the insult of the Allah inscription.”

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