RPK: M’sia can only be peaceful if non-Muslim citizens accept country as an Islamic, not secular state

THE RISING racial and religious tension in the country can only be subdued or put to an end if every non-Malay/non-Muslim citizen accepts that “Malaysia is originally Tanah Melayu, Islam is accorded a high status and it is not a secular state”.

(Focus Malaysia) – Unless this happens, fugitive blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) expressed fear that the temperature would continue to soar until it reaches a boiling point “with an inevitable explosion bound to happen”.

“Why can’t non-Malays accept Malaysia as an Islamic state just like India being a Hindu nation or Thailand and Mynamar as Buddhist nations? What’s wrong with that?” asked the mercenary blogger with an opposition slant in his latest video clip when commenting on yesterday’s (April 9) face-to-face meeting between His Majesty Sultan Ibrahim King of Malaysia with political leaders from UMNO and DAP.

“Till today, DAP leaders like Tan Sri Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, the late Karpal Singh and many more are still insisting that Malaysia is not a Muslim nation but a secular state.

“On the other hand, the Malays insist that Malaysia is Tanah Melayu which originated from the Federation of Malay States led by Malay rulers who are Muslims … But non-Malays are unwilling to accept such reality.”

When non-Malays fought for their rights by insisting that Malaysia is a secular state, they have indirectly challenged the Malays who hold Islam in such high regard, according to RPK.

“So, the extreme reaction from the Malay stand-point is understandable because they were being challenged by non-Malays.

“If you don’t wish to see such reaction, then don’t provoke the Malays … When you do so, you’ve to accept the fact that for every action, there will be an equal and opposite reaction as per the law of physics.”

His Majesty Sultan Ibrahim King of Malaysia (middle) met UMNO and DAP leaders on the eve of Hari Raya (April 9) to quell undesirable elements from continuing to sow discord in Malaysia’s plural society.

And forewarned RPK: “You know that the Malays are an emotional lot yet why do you continue to rub them the wrong way? As the Malays can hardly control their emotions when it comes to Islam, don’t provoke them any longer … just accept the fact that Malaysia is an Islamic state but your status as a non-Muslim will be preserved.

“If this fundamental issue can’t be solved, we’re unable to put a stop to this racial and religious tension that can potentially lead to bloodshed one day… Obviously, this cannot go on forever and ever for Kit Siang has already described Malaysia as a time-bomb because of the impending racial and religious issues.

“After all, there are no countries in the world which are atheist even though they are non-theology states. India which is the largest parliamentary democracy in the world is a Hindu state while the US is seen as a Christiaan nation from the administrative perspective although it doesn’t admit being so.

“When one takes oath (in the US), he needs to put his hands on the bible and swear in the name of the Lord, not Allah or Buddha.”