Why Tan Sri Mohamed Salim Fateh Din must step down as chairman of the MCMC

Has the Tan Sri used his position as chairman of the MCMC to stop criticism of a project his company is involved in?

Murray Hunter

Tan Sri Mohamed Salim Fateh Din was appointed chairman of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), a government post from March 1 2023 for a period of 2 years. This is not the first time or first government agency or corporation the Tan Sri has been appointed to.

The Tan Sri has given good service to Malaysia.

However, the Tan Sri is also a director of the Malaysian Resources Corporation (MRCB), and basically controlled the management of the company for the last decade. The KWSP has a substantial investment in MRCB, giving it some quasi-GLC status.

The Tan Sri has also been active in UMNO politics within Selangor.

While holding many hats, the issue of conflict of interest arises. The MCMC has been extremely active in blocking websites without advising website owners since his chairmanship, my Substack included.

My Substack was blocked very soon after I reported on the issue of the Shah Alam Stadium last October. Since the blocking, MRCB made a police report against myself leading to media reports that I have allegedly slandered Royalty, and that I am now a fugitive evading justice.

The ‘so-called 3Rs’ are being misused to hide specific corporative activities that the MRCB doesn’t want the public to know about. How could one commit any alleged crimes under the MCMC Act, if my site is blocked to Malaysians through ISPs? The police are not investigating potential crimes but trying to persecute those covering legitimate issues.

When someone goes to extreme efforts to hide something, there must be something to look at.

Shah Alam Stadium - Wikipedia

The major issue is here: Has the Tan Sri used his position as chairman of the MCMC to stop criticism of a project his company is involved in?

There appears to be a deep conflict of interest. If this is the case, then the Tan Sri should do the correct things and stand down as chairman, in order for a truly independent chairman be appointed.

Perhaps some of the reason is that MRCB is down 3% this week on the Bursa ,while the market is up 1.2%.

There are too many political appointments in government agencies, and in my case what happened above greatly benefits MRCB.