The looming 17th Sabah general election

Are the upcoming Sabah elections done and dusted already? That’s a loaded question but recent political developments suggest that Hajiji’s GRS is on a relentless roll, even as the Opposition remains in disarray.

Selvaraja Somiah

The looming 17th Sabah general election are imminent and the exchanges and deliberations surrounding potential aspirants for the chief ministerial position have already commenced. Amidst the turbulence of the political sphere, one distinguished name that emerges as a potential to spearhead the government alliance is Hajiji Noor the incumbent Chief Minister of Sabah.

Hajiji Noor has enjoyed a prolonged stint in the political limelight and his notoriety and adeptness in leadership have been extensively acknowledged. Hajiji’s distinct leadership methodology deviates greatly from that of now opposition former chief minister Shafie Apdal or the Sabah Umno Chief Bung Moktar, and it is precisely this disparity that positions him as a robust contender for Sabah chief minister’s post.

In this piece, we will analyse the reasons why Hajiji might be the best bet for leading the Sabah government.

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