Thailand’s same-sex marriage bill sparks boycott calls from Malaysia

Malaysians, who are well-known for their aggressive corporate boycott efforts, find themselves in a unique situation where they could be compelled to boycott their neighbouring country.

(The Sun Daily) – The reason for this is Thailand’s recently approved same-sex marriage law.

“Today, March 27, the House of Representatives in Thailand passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage,“ they wrote. There were 400 votes in favour and 10 against.”

After Taiwan in 2019 and Nepal in 2018, Thailand will become the third nation in Asia to permit LGBT marriage if this bill is passed by the Senate and the King.

Additionally, Thailand did not permit same-sex marriage prior to this bill because their constitution [only recognised] marriages between men and women.

In accordance with Astro Awani’s report, the measure has to get approval from both the Thai King and the Senate in order to become law.

Given that the majority of Malaysians are opposed to the LGBT community, Malaysians expressed their disapproval of Thailand’s decision to adopt the measure and called for a boycott of Thailand.

“Boycott Thailand, strengthen Ringgit after this!” said one user.

Another user remarked, “Boycott Thailand. Here we go, Indonesia!”

Furthermore, another participant went on to say, “We Muslims need to support Thai Muslims morally. Especially in Thailand’s south.”