Zaid presses cabinet to fight back, stop Malaysia from being ‘hostage’ to extremist preachers

“Why are we held hostage by those who wish to kill fun and by doing so, slowly decapitate our economy and tourism business.

(The Vibes) – FORMER de facto law minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has called on the federal government to stand up against extremist preachers in the country who he claims are decapitating the economy by first ruining tourism through their hardline outlook.

He said the government needs to fight back and reclaim the country from the threshold of religious extremism.

It is understood that his message on X was triggered by the debate over why Malaysia lost out to Singapore which had lured American pop star Taylor Swift to exclusively hold her concerts there and not anywhere else in Southeast Asia.

Regarded as a voice of progress, Zaid, a corporate lawyer, had courted controversy in his political career in which he tossed himself about from exiting Umno to joining PKR and then DAP, forming the now defunct Kita, and then courting Gerakan before expressing his desire to rejoin Umno.

He wrote that many reasons have been offered on why Phuket in Thailand is the preferred tourist destination over Langkawi.

“The answer is fun. Phuket is a place that gives you the experience of having fun,” said the former minister in the Prime Minister’s Department and ex-Kota Bharu MP.

“There are many shades of fun, of course, but that’s why Phuket is Phuket. It does not define or limit the fun that you may partake in or prefer.

“The visitors decide on the many things they want to do there. It’s a holiday place, so naturally, people want to go to a place that offers them a variety. They are there to enjoy themselves

“Langkawi is the most beautiful island; make no mistake, but unfortunately, it is in Malaysia. Here, having fun is frowned upon. Fun is immoral to some people. Life should not be enjoyed in a certain way as it may result in immorality or undesirable sinful behaviour,” said Zaid.

Zahid pointed out that Malaysia has problems with concerts, performing arts, fashion shows and beauty contests.

“We have issues with nightclubs. We have no Taylor Swift and no mega performances despite the benefits such concerts bring to the economy.”

He then questioned how it is that a progressive 21st century country that describes itself as modern has becomes hostage to some religious preachers who want to ban everything enjoyable.

“Why are we held hostage by those who wish to kill fun and by doing so, slowly decapitate our economy and tourism business.

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