M’sians Call Out PAS MP Who’s “Uncomfortable” About Vernacular Schools But Sends Her Child to SJK(C)

An excerpt of a recent discussion that took place in the Dewan Rakyat regarding vernacular schools in Malaysia has gone viral on social media, leaving many perplexed as to the accusations made by the Member of Parliament (MP) for Temerloh, Puan Hajah Salamiah binti Mohd Nor.

(World of Buzz) – In the video, edited and shared by digital creator Jason Yew on X (formerly Twitter), Salamiah sought clarification from Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek about vernacular schools after expressing her discomfort about the existence of such schools.

Temerloh MP is “uncomfortable” about vernacular schools but sends her child to one


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Source: Jason Yew | X

Temerloh mp, puan hajah salamiah binti mohd nor

The Temerloh MP asserted,

“I’m seeking clarification regarding vernacular schools. I’m sorry to say, because, we see that we’re living in one country but we have different languages and syllabuses. I support the Chinese language as a language that you can learn in school, Tamil too, can be taught in Sekolah Kebangsaan (National Schools).”

“Even my child is studying at a Chinese school, I’m not mad about this. But I’m not comfortable when we are in the same country, we use different languages. Science is being taught in Chinese, Tamil and so on. I want Bahasa Melayu to be the main language and medium.”

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Source: Jason Yew | X


“Extreme accusations without any facts”

Afterwards, Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek responded to Salamiah’s statement, asserting that the Temerloh MP has a grave misunderstanding of vernacular schools.

Fadhlina clarified that vernacular schools are schools that have been recognised by the Education Act. She added that one of the main reasons behind vernacular schools is that Malaysians’ mother tongue could be safeguarded.

The Education Minister stressed,

“There are zero issues about vernacular schools following a different syllabus because they’re still using the same syllabus. Syllabus from the Education Ministry, no such thing as a different syllabus.”

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