‘I want to go to heaven, too’: sole Kelantan Umno rep on supporting vote to re-enact nullified shariah provisions

State legislature voted unanimously to restore 16 shariah criminal provisions struck down by the Federal Court

(Scoop.my) – Umno’s sole assemblyman in Kelantan, Mohd Syahbuddin Hashim, said his party has always supported the state’s shariah criminal provisions and will cooperate with the PAS-led state government in strengthening Islamic law.

The Galas assemblyman had voted along with the rest of the state legislature today, which was unanimous in passing a motion to re-enact the 16 shariah criminal provisions that had been declared unconstitutional by the Federal Court last month.

“In 1986, Barisan Nasional assemblymen (in Kelantan) had already supported the Kelantan Shariah Criminal Enactment, in 1993 we supported it again, and again in 2015, and in 2019 (when it was passed).

“And even after this, God-willing, we will support it! We also want to go to heaven,” Syahbuddin told Scoop when contacted.

“We have many legal practitioners here (in Kelantan) so there is no mistake over shariah provisions that we enact,” he added.

Besides Syahbuddin, Amanah’s Dr Hafidzah Mustakim, the Kota Lama assemblywoman, had also voted in support of the motion proposed by Melor assemblyman, Wan Rohimi Wan Daud from PAS.

Umno and Amanah are parties in the unity government at the federal level, but are in the opposition in Kelantan.

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