Muda exodus: Leaving party a democratic process – Amir Hariri

Leaving Muda is not an unusual matter as many members of other larger political parties have also done so for various reasons.

(Sinar Daily) – The exodus of some members and leaders from the Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (Muda) is regarded as a democratic process and a common occurrence in the country’s political arena.

Muda’s Secretary-General Amir Hariri Abd Hadi believed that every individual had the democratic right or personal choice, whether to continue staying with Muda or to leave and join any other political party.

Therefore, he said Muda considered such actions as one of the efforts to cleanse the membership list of those who were not loyal to the party’s objectives.

“So, for me, leaving the party is a common matter and it is up to individuals to join or leave Muda.

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