Hassan Karim: ‘If I am sacked, then so be it’

(NST) – Pasir Gudang member of parliament Hassan Abdul Karim is unperturbed if PKR decided to sack or take disciplinary action against him.

He holds firm to his stand on recent issues because he will stick to his principles.

He said he will not remain silent when things were not right. He said this is why he speaks up because it is for everyone’s benefit.

He said he has nothing to lose since he has no post in the party or government.

“Why should I worry? If I am sacked, then so be it. I will change from my Parliamentarian ‘attire’ to my lawyer’s ‘attire’ and go to court.

“I am not trying to be arrogant when I speak up. I do not have the strength. If I am sacked or removed from the party I really have nothing to lose.

“I will let it be. What choice do I have? I am old. I can’t just nod or bow in agreement,” Hassan said while attending a Chinese New Year celebration at the Kim Ying temple in Plentong, Masai near here today.

Hassan said he believes PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim understands what he has voiced out. He said it was not the first time he has spoken up about issues.

He said Anwar has been his good friend since his days of studying at university, and he has always been open to feedback, opinions and constructive criticism.

He said PKR is a political party that is built upon the struggle to bring about reforms and this agenda must persevere as long as Anwar is party president.

“If it was someone else who is PKR president, I would not dare to speak up, but my statements are understood by Anwar.

“We do not want Anwar to be surrounded by officers who are ‘yes men’, who merely give support and agree on things.

“Such forms of ‘support’ can bring about a collapse of the party. This is why we believe Anwar cannot be surrounded by those who just bow and nod,” he said.

Hassan said despite making critical statements about the Pardons Board’s decision on Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s court conviction, Hassan’s relationship with Anwar does not have any problem.

“He read the analysis that I wrote regarding the issue of the pardon for Najib and Anwar said that the analysis was spot on.

“My relationship with Anwar is not compromised and it is very good. He frequently asks how I am doing.”

Hassan said this when asked whether he was ready to face any action after claiming that reforms implemented by Anwar has been too slow.

He was also responding to a statement by the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih 2.0) which wanted to take to the streets to demand that the government fulfils its pledges to the people.

On Wednesday , Bersih had urged Anwar’s administration not to dilly-dally when it came to implementing its reform agenda that was promised before coming to power, or face the prospect of street protests.

On Tuesday, Hassan urged for the minister in charge of the Federal Territories, Attorney-General and three other members of the Federal Territories Pardons Board to provide a clear explanation for the decision to reduce Najib’s sentence.

He had said that Malaysians are divided on the issue and have a right to know the basis of the board’s decision.

Prior to that, Hassan had been reprimanded by PKR for meddling in the affairs of other parties in the unity government.

On Jan 31, Hassan had said that Umno needed to be led by a new face and not just ride on Pakatan Harapan (PH) to regain the votes of the Malays.

His statement received mixed reactions, including from PKR information chief Fahmi Fadzil, who asked Hassan to stop interfering in the internal affairs of PH’s allied party.