Documents indicate massive asset mis-management in Selangor

The real financial implications of the Shah Alam Stadium project have not even been determined by the Selangor government

Murray Hunter

A number of documents were viewed and found to indicate massive mis-management of Selangor’s state assets. The following notes taken out of the minutes of a state government technical meeting highlights some of the problems and issues of Selangor government asset management.

This minute relates to the Shah Alam sports complex, where the Shah Alam Stadium is set to be demolished. The meeting was held back on 23rd October 2023. Apparently, there has been no meeting since.

Since this meeting, Fahmi Mohd Nordin, who was the CEO of the Shah Alam Sports Complex through a management company, Darul Ehsan Facilities Management Sdn Bhd, was sacked because of collusion with the chairman to defraud the stadium of some RM 2 million, through the selling off of assets.

What is most alarming is MBI still doesn’t know what the financial implications are for the project.

Unresolved issues related to the Shah Alam Stadium: