Prominent Bersatu leader often seen at PM’s Office, says source

The leader is believed to have promised the support of more Bersatu MPs for the government as a way to negotiate the ‘survival’ of certain leaders until the next party elections.

(FMT) – A prominent Bersatu leader has often been seen at the Prime Minister’s Office recently and is believed to be trying to negotiate the “survival” of certain party leaders until the next Bersatu elections, according to sources in the know.

A well-placed source, who asked to remain anonymous, said the Bersatu leader will promise to deliver the support of more Bersatu MPs for the government.

“Many more” Bersatu MPs are expected to declare support for Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, the source said.

So far, six MPs from Bersatu have done so, while they remain members of the party. Their move led to calls for the Bersatu constitution to be amended to prevent similar change of support.

However, the source said it would not be easy for Bersatu to amend the party constitution.

“Some Bersatu MPs want to cross the aisle but fear backlash,” the source said. If their support for the government is not announced publicly, it would become apparent at a parliamentary vote, he said.

A Bersatu MP also told FMT some members are aware of a certain state party leader being seen often at the PM’s Office.

“Many division leaders are aware of the matter, too, but we are not too sure why the leader is there,” he said. “This is one reason many MPs are also losing trust in the party’s leadership.”