Najib’s pardon is illegitimate and immoral

‘The criteria for a pardon arises when a prisoner has served one third of his sentence and does not have other pending criminal cases’: Tommy Thomas

By Dominic Damian

The next elections were lost on the 31st Jan 2024. No amount of backpedaling or cosmetics to smother and assuage the anger would work. There are no smooth, suave promotional gimmicks that will work in this case of a pardon unmerited. This is no ordinary glitch. The incompetence of morality is inexcusable. The objectionable and questionable are now beyond the comprehension of fixability. No logic, rational or reason will be appropriate, sufficient, adequate or acceptable. There are many losers in this immoral idiocrasy. Those who pulled this stunt believing in their invincibility and impregnability of reformasi will discover soon enough the wrath of the common citizenry. Their smug arrogance will splatter mud on their faces that even swine’s will not wallow within.

This pardon may be considered illegitimate when one considers what the former Attorney General Tommy Thomas explained, quote ‘the criteria for a pardon arises when a prisoner has served one third of his sentence and does not have other pending criminal cases’ unquote. Going by what the ex-AG expressed

· Can the pardon be revisited and revoked on what appears to be a flaw?

· Can the persons involved be dismissed for negligence and dereliction of duties?

Insinuations, innuendos and connotations abound that this is well in excess of a conspiracy.

This sickeningly appears to be meticulously planned, orchestrated and executed with frivolous trivialities. The stuttering, stammering, and shuffling cold feet in the outlandish premature announcements are evident of such strategic sewage in the garbage of the so-called intellectuals. More than quite a few folks, in obvious outrage, are expressing this outright.

Were there skeletons of such darkness in the closet of the persons or those they loved that they were subject to blackmail.

Were there extraordinary unfathomable rewards, unseen, unknown beyond the wildest dreams to facilitate this unholy pardon.

Were their lives or that of their loved ones in any sort of danger.

What benefit or advantage is there in such ludicrous, ridiculous and preposterous pardon that is of unimaginable provocation that there exists no possibility of providence to exonerate anyone. The adversities in the landmine uproar of curses surely cannot outweigh the gains beyond a stretch of imagination

The suggestion is that the accounts and possessions of the nefarious and notorious, in this pardon of profanities, and whoever their associates or proxies in this nightmarish fiasco, must be rigorously and scrupulously scrutinized and audited. No mere mortal being knowing the depth, breadth, scale, scope and magnitude of the criminality would have allowed such to transpire.

This may be a rare, unique and one-off situation for this Bugis felon who has threatened, intimidated, harassed, hounded and enticed any individual to wrangle a pardon out of nothing. It displays the powerlessness of the so-called exalted mighty and the power that is wielded by the legendary ‘cash is king’ criminal.

Each no matter who they are: have made it possible, by tacitly sanctioning, and supporting subtly the most corrupt to get away. By virtue of this deed of infamy, each is as guilty in complicity and criminality as the despicable national embarrassment of a known felon.

Each who was an integral and intimate part in the mechanism of pardon have succumbed to the scheming as no more than slavish scumbags selling themselves to a sin, incomparably heinous. The unholy rope of Judas would not want to wrap itself around their necks- for Judas only betrayed one! Here many have been stabbed by daggers of betrayal. For some political parties and politicians- the Rubicon has been crossed. They have crushed themselves to an insignificant point of no return. They are doomed and damned and nothing they say or do will save them.

Those who executed this have conferred a blessing from the bowels of hades which proclaims with sanctimonious shamelessly piety: ‘I hereby pardon you. You are blessed to go forth and steal not in billions. Steal in trillions instead!

Horrendous in language is incorrigible in compatibility of assigning a destination for this travesty. Terrible as in thought is as incompetent in expression to capture the destitution of such dishonesty. Horrible is as unimaginable and unthinkable to calibrate it to shame. We take shame itself as a virtue of one’s humanity. Indecipherable is the indecency and indefensible is the encapsulation to understand how such criminality is sanctioned and exemplified as an exception for exemption.

Make no mistake about this. The ‘pardoned’ is an authentic bona fide criminal on a global level. He is remorseless without an ounce of humility or repentance on this abominable appalling criminality. He has all the means to pay the nation back for this staggering criminality. Instead, he has chosen to be a smut, sniggering, swaggering, strutting, sneering, and mocking individual. His antics have compromised every institution and torn apart its fragility. Don’t expect atonement from a weasel of this insidious charlatan. What is really hurting and painful is that we have pathetic crawling cowards in positions of authority, who have absconded their responsibilities.

The person who received the pardon is the ultimate personification of corruption. The undeserved leniency will display the nation’s dishonesty and disrespect in a most disgraceful way. There is no serious intent to wipe out corruption. The damning severity of undermining and underestimating the citizens’ faith in governance and institutions will be diminished. The reputation of the nation is undeniably shattered, fragmented and broken in a million pieces. The glue of justice has the viscosity of water. Mind you, this is NOT just another fly by night criminal. He is undoubtedly THE criminal. What is really worrying is that in pandering and appeasement, the begging bowl of pardon was offered without encumbrances. The gall of the family to demand that it must be a full pardon is the icing on the cake of insults.

The pardoned if one can call it that! Has lost all strands of credibility and dust of respect. He will now be tolerated with silent contempt no matter what he does. Sabotaging the economy by theft! Subverting morality with lawlessness where it is not beyond such compromisible character to be beyond potential murder. He has most certainly earned there will always be swords of hate, loathing and revilement bedeviling the ‘pardoned’ in broad daylight. A rabid monster is free. Citizens are betrayed by the venomous poison for politics. Treasonous treachery on pardon virtue is how these lowlife serpents will prosper in promoting and protecting each other.

A cold morbid monster with the heartlessness of hades and the soullessness of slithery serpent was able to seduce and entice with the dance of the devil some sniveling cowards. Those who abandoned morality for the shameless immortality of unforgettable evil have earned their legacy where their eulogy will be rendered and their epithet will be carved in their tombstone. We are indeed living in perilous times.

It has been suggested that If we can collectively drown the contemptibles involved this fiasco in a sea of urine and spittle – it would be more than a privilege and pleasure for folks who are revolted by the reprehensible developments.

This unfortunate episode serves to confirm an irreversible and irrefutable fact: there are no higher beings or those considered lesser. All matter being equal the so called highest, prominent and powerful of elites embedded in echelons of societies with the entrustment to advance societies are the one who repeatedly fail us. Yet some among us worship the ground these ‘failed’ walk upon and inevitably trample upon us. Whose is the transgression that we have such individuals who trespass upon conventions of morality. It is we the common! We who strive with integrity and struggle with industry, paying our taxes that suffer the ignominious consequences of who we vote in. Those whom we vote in subsequently appoint this with zero credibility and zilch in merit. We reap what we sow with our votes.

Dominic Damian together with his soulmate, a parent of five children, and one grandchild. He is a music educator or teacher, a coach on creative expressive English. composer, conductor, poet, recording artist and social activist. He also contributes to the wellbeing of society by being a representative voice for voiceless citizens.