Selangor PH leaders see red over Umno’s demands

A Pakatan Harapan leader who is also a Selangor exco member says the coalition is giving ‘too much face’ to Umno.

(FMT) – A Selangor Pakatan Harapan (PH) leader claims many in the coalition are unhappy over concessions granted to Umno, its long-time foe turned partner in the federal unity government.

The leader, a Selangor executive councillor, said Umno was being “too demanding” despite only winning two seats in last year’s state election.

“Our respective parties have already issued orders, barring us from giving any statements,” said the leader who declined to be named.

The leader said Umno had previously made demands over exco roles and village chief positions.

The latest “flare-up” is over Umno’s supposed demand of 20 councillor posts across all local councils in Selangor.

Malaysiakini recently reported Selangor local government committee chairman Ng Suee Lim’s office as saying issues over the appointment of local councillors had been resolved.

This followed a report, citing sources, that the state government could not finalise the appointment of local councillors as Umno had refused to accept menteri besar Amirudin Shari’s offer on the matter.

“Initially, they (Umno) asked for 24 local councillor posts but we could not agree, and we negotiated it down to 20,” said the source.

The source said Umno should realise it was not strong enough in Selangor to be so demanding.

He also said it was unfair for PH to give Umno “too much face” in Selangor when the Barisan Nasional lynchpin had refused to accommodate PH in Johor.

There, Umno Youth chief Dr Akmal Saleh had dismissed a demand by an Amanah delegate at the PH component’s annual general assembly for a unity government to be formed in the state.

Meanwhile, a Selangor PKR division leader voiced concern that Umno’s demands could upset the grassroots.

“How can they (Umno) demand so much when they won only two seats?

“Umno even requested local councillor posts in areas where they did not win. Of course, people will be unhappy.”

The leader, who also declined to be named, said local councillor positions often went to grassroots leaders.

“Even before the election, each assemblyman would have a shortlist of candidates for local councillor posts. Now, some have to make way for Umno’s candidates.”

Another PKR division leader who spoke on condition of anonymity said he feared unhappiness over concessions given to Umno could affect supporters at the grassroots level.

This could lead to sabotage in future elections, he said.