Draw the best from all to chart nation’s future, urges Rafidah

Former federal minister Rafidah Aziz has called on Putrajaya and Malaysians to break free from the Bumiputera and non-Bumiputera mindset and harness the best brains from the various ethnic communities to chart the way forward for the nation.

(FMT) – Rafidah, dubbed the “Iron Lady” during her time in the Cabinet three decades ago, also urged politicians to move away from the “we and they” approach to governing the people and nation.

“Malaysia cannot afford to lag and be dragged behind by a discordant social and political environment that causes unnecessary bad blood and polarisation among us,” she told FMT.

“How can we achieve harmony when some people keep sowing seeds of discord for their own reasons?

“Very often, we seem to be bombarded with news and issues which can be regarded as ridiculous, upsetting, disgusting, and sometimes beyond belief.”

To bridge the gap, Rafidah suggested the establishment of a Malaysian Development Council, based on meritocracy.

She said the proposed council would be tasked with formulating a realistic new vision for the nation that focuses on the common interests of a united people.

“Experts from the various races should lead discussions on the path forward in socioeconomic development for the future, with a focus on competence, skills and meritocracy,” she said.

She also spoke of a need to “resynchronise” the national compass and drop policies that are no longer relevant in an increasingly challenging world.

She said a “precious legacy” should be left to the younger generation which would not burden them with racial considerations.