Hulu Langat PAS non-Muslim wing to lodge report against Dr M

Its youth chief P Poobalan says the former prime minister’s remarks are ‘un-Islamic’.

(FMT) – A PAS non-Muslim wing from Selangor will be lodging a police report against Dr Mahathir Mohamad following the former prime minister’s controversial claim that Indians are not completely loyal to the country.

The wing’s Hulu Langat youth chief P Poobalan said it would lodge a report on Thursday.

“We believe that the remarks made by Mahathir were discriminatory and un-Islamic,” Poobalan told FMT.

In an interview with a Tamil news channel based in Chennai, India, Mahathir said the Indian community was not “completely loyal to Malaysia”.

He reportedly claimed that Malaysian Indians want to identify themselves with their country of origin instead of fully assimilating and “becoming Malay”.

He drew brickbats from various quarters for his remarks, including from ministers, political leaders and a former minister.

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim also took a swipe at Mahathir, saying such outdated views would destroy the country.

Poobalan went on to say that when the likes of M Magendran and N Mohandas, the first Malaysians to conquer Mount Everest in 1997, as well as badminton ace Lee Chong Wei put Malaysia on the map, “they raised the Malaysian flag” to celebrate their achievement.

“This is because Malaysia is our only home.”

Yesterday, FMT reported a PKR division leader as saying that the party intended to lodge at least 50 police reports against Mahathir.

Thiban Subbramaniam said 15 reports had been lodged against Mahathir’s “hate-filled rants”, including one by him.