Zahid fixed term government solution: A part of the problem can’t be a part of the solution

The only thing that is keeping Zahid Hamidi relevant and important today, you have to admit, is the instability that is besetting the government today.

Nehru Sathiamoorthy

Zahid Hamidi’s recent proposal for a special bill to ensure that the unity government reigns for a full term, reminds of the famous Einstein quote “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

In 2018, Zahid Hamidi was a part of the team that toppled the Pakatan 1.0 government. In 2020, he was also a part of the team that signed the anti-hopping bill, that was supposed to ensure that an elected government is not toppled by the shenanigans of a few unprincipled lawmakers. Just a few months ago, Zahid Hamidi was in the same parliament and a part of team that accepted 5 opposition MPs who switched support to the government, despite remaining in support of the opposition, in blatant disregard to the anti-hopping bill.

Today, here he is, again proposing for yet another method of making sure that we are not permanently cursed with an unstable government.

It is normal for everyone to face troubles in their lives, but if someone is forever in the midst of all sort of troubles, we might have to consider the fact that maybe they might be the source of the trouble.

Some people, we have to accept, like trouble. When things are peaceful, they just don’t feel good about themselves. It is in the midst of trouble and chaos, that they will possess a sense of significance and importance. When a person who has a reputation of coming to prominence only in times of trouble offers you a way towards peace, it is always best to think twice as to why.

When someone is forever helping you with your problems, but the more they help you, the more your problem piles up, it might be the case that they are actually just helping themselves, not you.

When you ask a problem to find a solution, you will never find a solution, because the problem will know that if it finds a solution, it will become obsolete.

The only thing that is keeping Zahid Hamidi relevant and important today, you have to admit, is the instability that is besetting the government today. It is because he is needed to stabilise an instable government, that he has to be kept in an important position and cannot be ignored. If the government actually becomes stable, Zahid will not only become obsolete and irrelevant, he might lose the ability to run fast enough to stay ahead of his past karma.

Zahid has got a lot of bad karma chasing him. If he loses speed, not only will he lose his job, he might lose his freedom too.

Considering all this, I think we should take Zahid’s proposal of a solution as how an old man should take the medicine that is offered to him by his young beautiful wife right after he willed her all his wealth.

Of course, she will be saying that she just wants the old man to take his medicine on time because she wants him to live a long and healthy life, but the old man is suicidal to swallow the medicine she gives him, even if he puts in his mouth.

Unless the unity government is absolutely sure that it is doomed the only option it has to save itself is by taking Zahid Hamidi’s medicine,  I think it would be prudent for the unity government to thoroughly check it for signs of adverse side effects, and also run it by the forensic department just to be sure that there is no poison.