Some taking four wives to build cartel empire to bid for govt tenders, says MyCC

MORE than 500 companies are on the “radar” of the Malaysian Competition Commission (MyCC) for allegedly building “cartels” to bid for government tender projects.

(The Vibes) – Among the modus operandi used is for the company owner to marry four wives to build his empire and use his wives’ and relatives’ names as proxies.

According to reports in Sinar Harian, MyCC chief executive officer Iskandar Ismail said these companies were detected trying to manipulate tender offers.

“Among their modus operandi is to complot and conspire among each other and submit numerous tenders … for example, 50 companies would send in tender bids at a time.

“Following that, they would fill up the required forms together and also go for the required site visits.

“They would then ‘determine’ who is the winner by agreeing on the tender price and then distribute it among themselves as if the government tender is their ‘property’,” he said.

By marrying four wives, Iskandar said it was one of the methods used by company owners to build their empires.

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