Wan Ahmad Fayhsal states conditions for non-Malay PM

Bersatu Youth Chief Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal sparks debate by suggesting two conditions for a non-Malay candidate to become Malaysia’s Prime Minister: fluency in Malay customs and practicing the Muslim faith.

(Sinar Daily) – In a video posted on Facebook, Wan Ahmad Fayhsal argued that religion and politics are intertwined, and many Malays and Muslims prioritise religious considerations when choosing leaders.

He stressed that politics transcends idealism and is deeply rooted in cultural and religious contexts.

“These two aspects – Islam and Malay customs – are crucial for a non-Malay leader, for example, someone of Chinese or Indian descent, to be genuinely accepted by Malay voters and become our top leader.

“Such a leader should naturally embody Malay customs and speak fluent Malay, demonstrating familiarity with the basic cultural practices.

“This would foster a sense of belonging and acceptance within the Malay community,” he said.

His comments followed DAP supremo Tan Sri Lim Kit Siang’s recent public statement about the possibility of a non-Malay Prime Minister.

This sparked reactions and even prompted Kit Siang to provide a police statement on the matter.

While acknowledging the validity of Kit Siang’s point about broad-based support from diverse groups, Wan Ahmad Fayhsal stressed that Malays are not intrinsically racist.

However, he argued that the proposed conditions pose significant challenges for parties beyond Malay-centric platforms.

“In Islam and human psychology, we have the concept of solidarity groups.

“Religious obligations and current societal factors shape the structure of communities,” he added.