Covid-19 cases almost double to nearly 12,800 in one week

Health director-general Dr Radzi Abu Hassan says the majority of the cases exhibit mild symptoms and do not require hospitalisation.

(FMT) – The number of reported Covid-19 cases has increased by 88% from 6,796 to 12,757 in one week.

In his update for the week ending Dec 9, health director-general Dr Radzi Abu Hassan said the majority of the 12,757 cases exhibited mild symptoms and did not require hospitalisation.

He noted that although there had been a sharp rise in cases, which was in line with the global trend at the end of the year, the situation in Malaysia was under control and healthcare facilities were operating within their capabilities.

Hospital admissions and occupancy for intensive care unit (ICU) beds each rose by 1.4% per 100,000 of the population compared with the preceding week.

Radzi also said the ministry was anticipating an increase in Covid-19 cases after the Christmas and New Year celebrations, as well as due to the school holidays which would start on Saturday.

“The ministry encourages the public to wear face masks if they display Covid-19 symptoms to protect their family, neighbours, and friends from being infected,” he added.

Radzi advised the elderly, those with a weak immune system and those with comorbidities to use Paxlovid if they display Covid-19 symptoms.

He said that despite the continuous emergence of new Covid-19 variants, the oral antiviral drug remained effective in reducing symptoms and preventing increased severity.