Analysis: A tale of priorities, compromises and missed opportunities in Malaysia PM Anwar’s first Cabinet reshuffle

Analysts say the premier is banking on tried-and-trusted names in key ministerial positions as his government is set to face stern tests domestically and externally.

(CNA) – The personnel changes in Malaysia Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s first Cabinet reshuffle show his priority is to steady the ship domestically by tapping more on experienced hands and technocrats, especially given the economic challenges, say analysts.

Additionally, they told CNA that Mr Anwar also remains committed in maintaining the right balance across the different parties of his unity government, especially in ensuring that key players Democratic Action Party (DAP) and the United Malay National Organisation (UMNO) are represented adequately.

However, analysts also pointed out that the cabinet reshuffle was a missed opportunity to make more sweeping changes and replace some ministers who have been criticised for below-par performances.

Political analyst Dr Azmi Hassan of the Nusantara Academy for Strategic Research told CNA that while some of the changes can be lauded, it was a wasted chance to replace other key ministers who have not performed.

“The surprise here is that some ministers who have done far worse have not been axed. There have been grumblings from the public and this has perhaps not been addressed by this cabinet reshuffle,” he said.

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