Malaysian Indian People’s Party applies to join PN

Its president, P Punithan, says this decision was taken as Perikatan Nasional does not have any formal Indian representation now.

(FMT) – The Malaysian Indian People’s Party (MIPP) will apply to join Perikatan Nasional (PN), which currently has no formal Indian representation, says party president P Punithan.

He said this decision was made during its central committee meeting today, aligning with the mandate given at its special general meeting on Nov 26.

“We will apply to join PN,” the former Selangor MIC Youth chief said at a press conference.

Punithan said today’s meeting also agreed to amend the constitution to align with “the current situation”.

“A party advisory committee will also be formed, consisting of leaders, activists and former leaders with political, corporate and community backgrounds,” he said.

He said the party would be open to collaborate and work with all stakeholders within the Indian community to defend their interests.

“A new framework for the economic development agenda of the Indian community will be established, in line with current needs and preferences.

“This agenda will take into account suggestions from stakeholders, youths, corporations, entrepreneurs, NGOs and the party’s advisory committee,” he said.