Who Rules Malaysia? Its not the Malays anymore

Malays have been indoctrinated that the Chinese covet control of Malaysia. The Malays are also taught to hate the Jews. However, these are just diversions to stop the Malays seeing what is really happening.

Murray Hunter

More theft from the Malay people is occurring now than ever before

The heritage, assets, and sovereignty of Malays in Malaysia are under attack more than ever before. The changing loyalties of the nation’s leaders towards a foreign body has allowed the rape of Malaysia’s sovereignty and assets. This has been happening quietly for the last seven years, but is now going on at an alarming rate.

Loss of sovereignty

Until May 2024, the king has the sole discretionary power to call a state of emergency in Malaysia. This was dramatically seen when the present king rejected former prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s request for the calling of a state of emergency over the tackling of the Covid-19 crisis in the country, in October 2020.

Come May 2024, this power will reside with the Director General of the Who Health Organization (WHO). The present health minister Dr Zaliha Mustafa gave the go ahead for Malaysia to hand this discretionary power over to the WHO. Although, this is in breach of the Malaysian Constitution, the WHO will be able to enforce any future calling of a state of emergency through the weight of international law and even sanctions, if necessary.

WHO board halts Ethiopia's anti-Tedros speech, postpones probe decision | Reuters

WHO DG Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus will have more power than the king to call a state of emergency in Malaysia.

Malays have lost part of their constitutional sovereignty to the WHO, which has severely undermined the authority of the rulers by the design of crafty politicians.

Bumiputera companies no longer getting the most important contracts from government

Over the last twelve months, Bumiputera companies are no longer obtaining the lucrative and strategic contracts from the government.

Just in the last few days, a subsidiary of YTL Corporation, KJS-SEP Synergy (M) Sdn. Bhd. was awarded a concession that gave the company control over revenue of toll-way concessionaires, with the installation and implementation of multi-lane free flow (MLFF) systems in all Toll-Way exits across the country. This important strategic contract was not tendered out, nor was the responsibility to install them ever discussed with the concessionaires. YTL is an affiliated company with the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Companies involved in strategic land swaps with the Selangor State Government in exchange for work undertaken involve companies involved with the WEF. Berjaya Corporation involved in the Selangor Maritime Gateway, is a member of the WEF, as is its founder Vincent Tan. The architect and equipment suppliers for the new national digital ID system, Frost & Sullivan and NEC are both companies affiliated with the WEF.

A host of business leaders who interconnect with the government are all members of the WEF. These include Abdul Razak Baginda Malaysian Strategic Research Centre (MSRC), Nazir Razak CIMB, Lim Thian Kiat Multi-Purpose Holdings, Halim Saad Renong/UEM, Sarina Aman-Karim Multimedia Development Corporation, Justin Leong Genting, Anthony (Tony) Fernandes Air Asia, Tong Kooi-Ong The Edge Media Group, Ricky Wong Asia Media, Rohan Ramakrishnan ASEAN Post, Rohana Rozhan Astro Holdings Malaysia, and amongst others Shahzad Bhatti Axiom Learning.

These WEF connections spread across most business sectors, including the media.

GLCs and parts of Government also have divided loyalties

Much policy making is already under the control of the WEF

In addition, a large part of Malaysia’s government are members of the WEF. These include the Economic Planning Unit, responsible for the nation’s economic planning. The Ministry of Finance is also well connected with the WEF.  Other members include the Centre for 4th Industrial Revolution Malaysia (C4IR) to facilitate a green transition, just opened last May. One of Malaysia’s sovereign funds Pemodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) is also a member of the WEF. Other WEF members include Khazanah Nasional,  Employees Provident Fund (KWSP)Petronas, and Sime Darby,

This includes some strategic NGOs like the Sunway Centre for Planetary Health, advising the government on climate change.

Many politicians have been inducted into the WEF

Former UMNO (later Bersatu) minister Mustapa Mohamed and current trade minister Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz were most probably the two principal purveyors of the WEF to the Malaysian scene.

Today there are a number of ministers and politicians who are members of the WEF. Until very recently most openly acknowledged their association with the WEF, but a number have asked the organization to take their names off the WEF official website. However, in searching names there are records of meetings they attended and/or spoke at.

Current members of the WEF in the government include Azalina Otham Said, member since 2003, Nurul Izzah Anwar, a member since 2012, Steven Sim, a member since 2012, Hannah Yeoh, a member since 2018, and Yao Bee Yin, a member since 2019.

Nurul Izzah, one of the WEF’s rising stars.

Other notable politicians include Khairy Jamaluddin, a member since 2006, Hishammuddin Hussein, a member sine 1998, and Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, a member since 2019.

Malays have been indoctrinated that the Chinese covet control of Malaysia. The Malays are also taught to hate the Jews. However, these are just diversions to stop the Malays seeing what is really happening.

Malays will continue to be serfs in their own land.

No one will see this story in the media, as much of the media is affiliated with the WEF. The government is now operating within the influence of the WEF. Malaysia is now almost unrecoverable from WEF influence.