Internet Censorship Update: Blocking of website

Murray Hunter

23rd October 2023, the website of writer Murray Hunter, was found to be blocked by Malaysian Internet Service Providers (ISPs) implementing what appears to be a Malaysia Communications and Multimedia (MCMC) mandated blocking of a website. This was confirmed by Sinar Project with test data measurements from Open Observatory for Network Interference (OONI).

The website was detected to be blocked following a report by the website owner on 22nd October. The website is a blog belonging to a researcher, Murray Hunter who does work on issues related to Asia-Pacific.

As of 7.00pm, data on OONI indicates that blocking occurred on networks run by at least 4 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) which redirected users to a server maintained by MCMC. This would have resulted in users facing difficulties in accessing the website. The ISPs are:

TM (AS4788)

Digi (AS4818)

Maxis (AS9534)

TIME (AS9930)

Users of these networks are unable to access the website unless they use methods to circumvent the censorship such as using a VPN or a different DNS resolver.

At the time of this report, there was no sign of confirmed blocking on U Mobile (AS38466), although data on OONI showed a number of failures during the testing.