Why Did Fahmi Fadzil throw Nurul and Wan Azizah under a bus?

Fahmi’s competence as a minister must now be seriously questioned

Murray Hunter

Back on November 3, Liberal International’s support for the people of Israel became public knowledge in Malaysia. Net citizens very quickly found PKR listed as a member of Liberal International on its website (since taken down). Instead of admitting PKR was a member of Liberal International, Communications minister Fahmi Fadzil condemned those who showed proof as ‘deliberate attempts’ by some quarters who want to associate PKR with Liberal International.

These denials by Fahmi just didn’t hold with the overwhelming evidence that PKR was in fact a member of Liberal International.

The relationship between PKR and Liberal International goes back around 10 years, when PKR reached out to Liberal International over the Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy 2 case.

Mis-information Hypocrisy

Even though PKR vice president Nurul Izzah said PKR is a full member of Liberal International, Fahmi, the communications minister has requested Facebook to block any posts that discuss PKR involvement with Liberal International.

Fahmi Fadzil has taken away any credibility from Malaysia’s policing of mis and dis information online. Fahmi’s actions show this is just political censorship of opinions and information Fahmi (PKR) disagrees with.