Oops…PKR’s name and logo on Liberal International’s website after all

PKR and Gerakan were listed as two of the eight Asian members of Liberal International in the organisation’s website

PKR information chief Fahmi Fadzil has contacted the UK-based organisation, Liberal International, asking it to remove the party’s name and logo from its official website.

“So far, there has been no response but I understand they are based in London. The delay could be due to the time difference, but we have contacted them and will wait.

“We are not members and we have never paid any membership fees to that organisation. Our (party’s) name and logo need to be removed from their website,” he told reporters after delivering a Deepavali donation to the Indian community in Lembah Pantai, according to Bernama.

Yesterday, the communications and digital minister dismissed social media posts on the party being linked with Liberal International, an organisation that stands in solidarity with the people of Israel in the current war in Gaza.

Fahmi denied that PKR had ever been a member of the organisation and condemned the “deliberate attempt” by some quarters to associate the two together.

Netizens had taken to social media to question a possible link between PKR and Liberal International, posting screenshots of PKR being listed as a member of the organisation on its official website.

Checks by FMT showed that PKR and Gerakan were listed as two of the eight Asian members of Liberal International, in the capacity of “observer member parties”.

On Oct 7, Liberal International released a statement expressing its support for the people of Israel in condemning the Hamas attacks on Israeli territory, and said it “recognises Israel’s right to defend itself”.

Fahmi said he had never heard of any discussions regarding the party’s membership in Liberal International despite serving as a PKR office-bearer since 2013 in various roles, including as communications director and political bureau member.

Normally, a member of an organisation would be invited to attend its annual general meeting(AGM) but PKR had never been involved in any AGM organised by Liberal International, he added.

“We don’t deny that Liberal International has come to Malaysia before and issued a congratulatory message on (PKR president) Anwar Ibrahim’s victory and conducted certain activities, also involving Wan Saiful Wan Jan, who is now a Perikatan Nasional MP.

“As a registered body, it is free to participate in activities and make statements. But PKR is not part of Liberal International although Anwar had attended its ceremonies or programmes on invitation, but not as a member.”