PN wants to tap into Dr M’s influence, says Tuan Ibrahim

The PAS deputy president explains the opposition’s decision to name the former prime minister as an unofficial adviser to a grouping of four Perikatan Nasional-led states.

(FMT) – The opposition made Dr Mahathir Mohamad an unofficial adviser to a loose grouping of four Perikatan Nasional-led states to leverage on the former prime minister’s influence, a PAS leader said.

Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said they decided not to make PN chairman Muhyiddin Yassin the adviser as “he is already part of us”, Malaysiakini reported.

The PAS deputy president also said there were “obvious and tacit” reasons for roping in the former Langkawi MP.

“We want as many as we can get to be with us. Each figure has his own supporters and followers.

Tuan Ibrahim also denied that PAS was attempting to sideline Muhyiddin or prop Mahathir up.

He said Mahathir had indicated he was not interested in running for election and only wanted to contribute in any way he could.

Former federal minister Salleh Said Keruak previously claimed that PAS made Mahathir the unofficial adviser to project him as PN’s de facto leader.

Muhyiddin said he had no issue with Mahathir being made an adviser to the “state government four”, or SG4.

“The decision was made by PN, particularly the four states. Maybe they saw Mahathir as a statesman who is experienced and can advise them.”

The Bersatu president also said he supported the move and hoped the four states would be able to develop their economy further.

Terengganu menteri besar Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar previously said the four states agreed to make Mahathir an unofficial adviser focusing primarily on effective and efficient governance.

He said Mahathir’s role was to connect the four states with investors from countries like Japan and South Korea that had good ties with him.