In latest media clampdown, govt trains guns on its own TV channel

This is over the airing of an old reality programme featuring a PAS leader who was then a minister.

(MalaysiaNow) – After a series of clampdowns on online news sites, Putrajaya’s grip on media outlets appears to continue with a government Islamic broadcast channel being investigated for re-running a reality show from early 2022 featuring a PAS leader who was then minister for Islamic affairs.

TV AlHjirah, a public television channel under the jurisdiction of the Department of Islamic Development or Jakim, had aired a re-run of “Hijrahkan Laguku”, an Islamic singing contest first broadcast in January 2022.

The programme had also featured Idris Ahmad, the PAS vice-president who was at that time the minister in charge of religion in the Prime Minister’s Department.

PAS was part of the federal government from March 2020 to November 2022, when Putrajaya was under the coalition of Perikatan Nasional, GPS and Barisan Nasional.

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