Cops take statement from Dr M over FB posts

Two police reports were lodged against the former prime minister after he discussed Malaysia’s identity and history in two Facebook posts in July.

(FMT) – Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad was called by the police to give a statement today in connection with an ongoing investigation, sources said.

It is understood the police recorded his statement following the lodging of two reports over a Facebook post on July 27.

Mahathir is expected to hold a press conference regarding the matter this afternoon.

On July 27, Mahathir published two Facebook posts, with one asserting that Malaysia should be recognised primarily as a Malay country rather than a multiracial one.

In the second post, Mahathir questioned whether Malaysia has been colonised by migrants and their descendants.

“Singapore has, but the Malay states and the Borneo states have not been conquered. They remain the countries of the indigenous definitive people,” he said.

It is not known which of the Facebook posts is under investigation.