Umno unlikely to win elections amid shifting voter sentiment – Shahril

Former Umno information chief, Shahril Hamdan has said that Umno is unlikely to win any elections in the current climate of shifting voter sentiment.

(Sinar Daily) – Shahril said that Umno will not be able to gain the trust of voters if it continues to practice a culture of overpraise and dishonesty.

“Frankly speaking, there is no way for Umno to continue winning in this current wave of sentiment,” he said in a podcast programme yesterday.

Shahril also revealed that Umno Terengganu was so confident of winning state seats in the recent state election that they did not even bother to discuss the allocation of seats with other parties.

“I understand that when discussing the allocation of seats before the state election, the leadership of Terengganu Umno was confident of winning,” he added.

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