Say sorry for ‘disrespectful’ remark on Buddhism, PAS’ Syahir told

Siamese business leader raps PAS man for claiming monks permit alcohol consumption

(The Vibes) – PAS assistant secretary-general Mohd Syahir Che Sulaiman has been called to apologise to the Siamese community over his statement during a debate on economics last night, which was described as insensitive to the institution and religion of Buddhism.

Siamese Bumiputera Malaysia Chambers of Commerce president Datuk Seri Boon Som Inong alleged Syahir had hurt the feelings of the Siamese community in Malaysia when, during the debate with Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli, the PAS man had said monks claimed drinking alcohol is permitted in Buddhism.

“The statement is completely untrue as prohibition on drinking alcohol is one of the basic moral teachings of Buddhism known as Panca-sila (Five Precepts) and is contained in the Tripitaka, the sacred book of Buddhism.

“Therefore, the whole Buddhist Siamese community regrets and condemns the statement made by the PAS leader and consider it excessive, insensitive and disrespectful to the institution and religion of Buddhism,” said Boon in a statement today.

Boon said the Bachok MP should withdraw his statement and publicly apologise to the entire Siamese community in Malaysia.

He said that if Syahir refused to do so, he would make a police report against him.

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