PN has decided on Selangor MB candidate, says Azmin

The Selangor Perikatan Nasional chairman, however, refuses to identify the candidate, saying they do not want to preempt the sultan.

(FMT) – Selangor Perikatan Nasional chairman Azmin Ali said the coalition has reached a consensus on its candidate for the menteri besar’s post if it were to win in the Aug 12 state election.

Azmin, a former Selangor menteri besar, however refused to reveal the candidate, saying it was the Selangor sultan’s prerogative.

“I believe that among PN’s top leadership, there is a consensus on who should be given such a huge responsibility.

“But we have decided not to name the poster boy as it is the sultan’s absolute right to appoint the menteri besar,” he said on the latest episode of Keluar Sekejap, hosted by former Umno leaders Khairy Jamaluddin and Shahril Hamdan.

Previously, PN secretary-general Hamzah Zainudin said the coalition would only reveal the candidate for the post after they wrest the state from Pakatan Harapan.

He also revealed that a few names had been shortlisted.

Azmin also denied claims that PN’s manifesto for the Selangor polls was a “copy and paste” job of PH’s pledges.

Selangor PH chairman Amirudin Shari had likened PN to a student who plagiarised the work of others to complete an assignment at the very last minute.

Azmin brushed off Amirudin’s remarks as mere “political statements”.

“The reality is a large portion of the initiatives offered (by PN) are new ideas to respond to the current situation,” he said.

These initiatives included ones that he started when he was the Selangor menteri besar, which were being “revisited and recalibrated” to meet the demands of recent challenges.