Salahuddin worked tirelessly to keep prices down, says Mat Sabu

The Amanah president also says his deputy was synonymous with the concept of Rahmah.

(FMT) – Domestic trade and cost of living minister Salahuddin Ayub has been described as an active minister who worked tirelessly to ensure there was no sharp rise in the prices of goods.

Agriculture and food security minister Mohamad Sabu said Salahuddin was also synonymous with the concept of Rahmah, which provided benefits to the people, especially in dealing with issues concerning the cost of living.

“Allahyarham was a persistent person and when he was domestic trade and cost of living minister, he was very active, especially in ensuring the prices of goods did not escalate. He worked so hard, including meeting companies and employers.

“Everyone is aware of this, including Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, who said he (Salahuddin) was one of the ministers who was persistent in carrying out his duties,” he told reporters at Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital here tonight.

Caretaker Kedah menteri besar Sanusi Nor also conveyed his condolences to Salahuddin’s family, describing Salahuddin as a gentleman.

Sanusi said he will also feel the loss as he had known Salahuddin since 1997, adding that Salahuddin had even stayed at his house several times.

“On behalf of the Kedah government, our sympathies go out to the family. He happened to fall ill in Kedah while performing his duties.

“I thank him for his ministerial efforts in dealing with the issue of rising prices,” he said.

Amanah vice-president Mahfuz Omar said Salahuddin had successfully raised the Rahmah agenda as a new engine that benefitted all parties and economic sectors.

“I was very close to Allahyarham, from when we were in our former party (PAS) until now. This is a huge loss, the people will also feel it.

“I would like to say this: Din, Malaysians will miss you, thank you Din for the Rahmah agenda that has lessened the burden of the people. Thank you, Din,” he said.