Plot to arrest, discredit me planned 6 months ago, claims Sanusi

The Kedah menteri besar says he carries a pistol in his car for safety.

(FMT) – Sanusi Nor claims that a plot was devised six months ago to arrest him and damage his credibility.

In a Berita Harian report, the caretaker Kedah menteri besar said he found out about this purported scheme from someone who warned him that action would be taken after his open criticism of certain parties.

“I have my ‘intel’ (intelligence) and I met someone who advised me to be cautious as there were people planning something against me,” Sanusi said during a Perikatan Nasional rally at Padang Awam Kuala Ketil, near Sungai Petani, last night.

“For safety, I have a pistol in my car 24/7, two magazines and 14 bullets in each magazine.

“I stay vigilant 24/7 in case someone does something harmful. I won’t harm others unless they harm me.

“For the past six months, my friends have been cautioning me and saying that the plotters’ main objective is to arrest me, tarnish my morals and damage my credibility.

“After that, people won’t listen to my speeches any more because I’ll be humiliated by the arrest.”

The PN election director was arrested by police at 3am on Tuesday before being charged at the Selayang sessions court on two counts of sedition against the monarchy.

The charges relate to a speech he made at a ceramah in Gombak on July 11.

Sanusi claimed that his request for a copy of the two charge sheets was turned down by the prosecutor after the court proceedings.

“I was charged with two offences, but the charges were not given to me. I was only read the charges and I pleaded not guilty,” he said.

He then went on to declare that he would “fight” Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, before qualifying his comment as saying it would be a battle in the political arena.