Anwar himself was under probe, Mahathir responds to PM’s claim of file on ex-Umno ministers

Dr Mahathir Mohamad says the police told him of the investigation during his time as prime minister.

(Malaysia Now) – Dr Mahathir Mohamad today challenged Anwar Ibrahim to be comprehensive in his disclosure of alleged wrongdoings by former Umno ministers, claiming that an investigation had also been opened into the prime minister himself.

Responding to Anwar’s remarks on a file containing information about ministers who had defected from Umno ahead of the general election last year, Mahathir said the threat of disclosure constituted an abuse of power.

“If you want to reveal, reveal everything,” the former leader said.

“Reveal about the current ministers as well. I know that there was an investigation of Anwar himself, although I have not seen it.

“The police told me so during my time as prime minister.”

Anwar said at a Jelajah Madani event on July 15 that there was a file containing information about former Umno ministers who had left the party ahead of the Nov 19, 2022 election.

He was reported as saying that the file contained evidence of irregularities committed by these leaders during their time in government.

Mahathir said in a statement that many “prominent Malays” were afraid and ill at ease with the government’s performance.

“But they refuse to join any movement with the same views,” he said. “They are afraid that if they are identified by the government, action will be taken against them.”

Mahathir added that laws were made for everyone, “not just for opposition parties”.